7 Brilliant Ideas For Leftover Pasta You Need In Your Life

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Sometimes we get kiasu and overcook; this is especially so for pastas as we are always so unsure about how much there will be after we cook because they seem to multiply by folds once they are done and oops, there’s so much left! We found some really cool methods on how you can use your leftover pasta without having to eat the same thing over and over again till it’s finished!

1. Frittata


It’s like omelette but pasta version. Super easy and really quick to make and best of all, even if your pasta is already covered in sauce it will definitely elevate the flavours! Jamie Oliver has a 20 minute recipe right here.

2. Stir Fry


A super Asian twist to Western cuisine; just gotta throw in some veggies and leftover meat, drizzle a generous amount of soy sauce and you’re good to go. Betty Crocker gotcha!

3. Pasta Bake


What’s easier to make than baked pastas? Just throw everything together and dump cheese all over and well, bake. Definitely a go-to for lazy people (like me). So don’t fret if your pasta is already covered in the sauce! Recipe here.

4. Muffins



Forget sweet muffins, savoury muffins are more exciting, this is similar to the pasta bake but more fun! You can literally use any pasta whether tomato or cream-based, whip it with some eggs and pour it in muffin trays. Perfect for breakfast! Recipe here.

5. Fritters


Works best with long pasta. Pasts fritters should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Mix in whatever ingredients you want with your pasta and fry it. Actually, this starts to sound like a pasta pancake. Recipe.

6. Pasta Pie


Rigatoni is the best for a pasta pie; have it stand up in a pan and all you even need to do is just pour the sauce and cheese over. How effortless! Recipe.

7. Pasta Pizza


Anything pizza is heaven but when you get pasta AND pizza? It may just be God in food form. Simple and quick to make and now you don’t have to serve our guests with pastas on a plate anymore. Recipe.

All these simple recipes will definitely jazz up your leftover pastas and will not go to waste! Fun and quirky ideas may just get you to eat more. #zerowaste

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