6 Wine Myths Debunked

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The way we often think of wines can be very misleading. Is expensive wine better or have the experts tricked you into believing so? We have investigated the top wine myths and present you with the truth here.

#1 – Old wine is better.

The truth is only 10% of the wine in the world is meant for aging and taste better after five years. Most white, Rosé and sparkling wines are made to be consumed immediately. Just like any beverages, wines are perishable and can also succumb to oxidisation.


#2 – Expensive wines are better wines.

Expensive wines are not necessarily the best option. Expensive wines may often be of the highest quality, but the quality is not the only criterion for choosing a bottle of wine. Expensive wines may not be suitable for all occasion, and your taste palate may not align well with what critics think is great.


#3 – Red Wine with Meat; White Wine with Fish

Pairing requires more than just the colour. While it could be a guideline to pair red wine with meat and white wine with fish, wines should be paired with the way the food is cooked. The herbs, spices, and sauces used in preparing the main course determine the kind of wine that works well with it.

 #4 – Sweet wines pairs with dessert.

Sweet wines do not always pair with desserts. They are called dessert wines not because they pair well with desserts but because they can stand in place of the dessert. In fact, sweet wines often pair well with seafood and other savoury dishes.

#5- Better wines are always sealed with a cork.

It depends on whether you want to store your wine for decades. Then sealing it with a cork is the way to go. Also, you will need a cork screw on hand to open it quickly that could be inconvenient when you are unprepared. Hence if you are buying a bottle of wine today and intend to drink it within the next couple of years, forgo the cork and choose the cap.


#6 – Wine should be served at a particular temperature.

There is a misconception that wine should be served at room temperature. Yes, they are the ‘best’ at room temperature. However, it is a term coined by the ‘westerners.’ The room temperature in Europe is not the same as in Asia. Hence I would recommend you to keep the wine in a fridge. It may be cold at first, but it will quickly increase and arrive at a perfect temperature to enjoyment!


We hope that you realise that it is simpler to crack the code of wine than you’d imagine it to be!

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