6 Tips On How To Save Money Before Christmas (And That Year End Sale) Is Here

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Saving money is definitely a feat when you are living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Literally everything is sucking you dry and our biggest woe might just be how we have to top up our ezlink cards every 2 to 3 days. And then you have all those occasions where you would have to buy gifts and then that four-lettered word that makes all women (and men, don’t deny) go crazy – SALE. Let’s not forget that December is the month of ZoukOut But sian leh, no money, how ah? That’s why we came up with these old tips for you as a reminder that you don’t need to go to great lengths to save money!

1. Necessities That Are On Sale


There are always those deals going on at Fairprice, Watsons and etc where you buy 2 or more of something, it’s cheaper. Buy more and stock it up at home so the next time you run out, you don’t have to spend more! Just a few cents or dollars but it can go a long way. Be it snacks or body wash or anything, just keep your eyes peeled for such deals!

2. Eat At Food Markets


We always want good food but our definition of good food seems to be pricey cafes and restaurants that will burn holes in our wallet. And usually food plays the biggest part of us being broke. Just settle for some good old char kway teow or kway chap or even chicken rice.

3. Packed Home Cooked Food


Be it leftovers from last night’s dinner or just slices of bread with cheese, packed food from home always help with money saving.

4. Walk Home


Get off a few bus stops before yours and walk home, the value in your ezlink card could last longer and you get some exercise. Usually we take the bus and don’t walk and we miss out on the changes around our neighbourhood. How many times have we went, “omg this was here all the time?”

5. Don’t Buy Things On Impulse/Getting Things That You Don’t Really Need


Invest in things that you really need instead of buying on impulse. Get things that will last you for long periods, whether food, clothes or accessories, anything. I mean, do you really need that Starbucks? Is it the lifestyle you can afford right now? Ask yourself questions and think through it. You still have numbers of decades ahead of you, trust me, you have lots of other opportunities.

6. A Habit To Save


We heard that story about how this guy saved lots of 5 cents and he came a rich man. I’m not saying we have to end up a billionaire like him but it would be great to make an effort to save a few cents or dollars everyday. We have those small changes that weigh us down, just make it a point to put in your piggy bank!

We have grown up learning these saving tips but have we really applied them? If not, it’s time to do so before that shirt you want on sale is SOLD OUT (or you could just save it for BTO or that sleek ass car you want in the future).

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