6 Bone-Chilling Places To Visit During This Spooky Month Of Halloween! No. 3 Will Sent Shivers Down Your Spine

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Don’t know about y’all but we are huge scaredy cats who are to afraid to venture into these haunted areas in Singapore. You may not believe the stories that were passed down from generations to generations. This Halloween, forget about the scare zones in theme parks and underground theatres and opt for these real deals instead. But just a word of advice, this is not for the faint-hearted and always remember, safety first.

1. Old Changi Hospital



It was a British-owned hospital that the Japanese later took over during WWII to use as a healthcare facility for the prisoners of war. After that, it was pass on to Commonwealth Forces then finally to the SAF to treat our servicemen. Right now, it is vacant and abandoned. So why is it haunted? It has been rumoured that instead of treating the POWs during the second World War, the Japanese used this place as a torture ground to abuse them. Screams and shadows were heard frequently when the hospital were still in use.

2. Bedok



We all know about the chain incident at Bedok Reservoir but did you know about the Block 99 story? Apparently, a mother committed suicide with her son when she couldn’t take her husband’s infidelity and debts. She died in her red wedding dress and wrote “It’s not over, Darling.” before she committed the act. Soon after, the man remarried and had a son. On his son’s third birthday, his dead son came back and “killed” him the way he died and he wrote something on the wall that will send a chill down your spine…..Read this full story here.

3. Changi Old Beach Houses/Chalets



Changi beach was literally an execution ground not only for the prisoners of wars but also the Japanese when they were trialed for their killings during WWII. Basically, all kinds of ghosts and spirits are haunting the beach. One of our own content writers here in HypeQuiva, Deya actually had an encounter at one of the chalets there.

She visited the beach chalets there with a group of friends and they all felt unwelcome the moment they stepped in, as if something was telling them to get out. They still went in anyway and weird things started to happen. 2 of them noticed the fridge was leaking and went to get a cloth, however the third friend who went in a moment later said there was no leakage. This kept happening and the leakage situation got worst each time. The girls did not stay in the chalet the entire time and they were only back in later in the evening when more friends came by and surprisingly, no one wanted to stay in the chalet. Night time came and the 3 of them did not wish to stay overnight, so they packed and left despite paying for the night there. Before they left, they made sure to check that they turned off all the lights but just as they were about to leave, they saw all their room lights turned on. They went into the room to double check only to realise that the switches were still flipped to “OFF”. They were so freaked out, they ran out of the chalet immediately. They then went to stay-over at one of the 3 girls place. At night, one of Deya’s friend dreamed that she was in the toilet and when she looked up, there was a shadow in the mirror. When she woke up, she told the girls about her dream and to her shock, both Deya and the other girl said that they dreamed of her trying to kill them. Two months later, there was a news report on the same chalet where two girls have died mysteriously inside. Imagine if Deya and her friends stayed over.

4. Tekong



Civilians like us obviously can’t get into Tekong but our army boys would definitely have a good experience with the supernatural on the island. We all know about that guy who suddenly disappear during the route march and ended up dead with his organs laid beside him. We have heard tons and tons of stories about lingering spirits in camps but we will never know whether it’s true except for the army boys themselves. We are also sending some luck to our NS-men in Tekong, especially those who are staying in Rocky Hill Camp 😉

5. Red Brick House


Believe it or not, the red house used to be a social centre for children where food and education is provided. We are unsure of how it became haunted because there are so many stories out there. Many people went to explore this abandoned house, some of them come out unscathed and some of them not so lucky. There were cases of people getting possessed or being followed by the spirits that were lingering inside. Noises can also be heard from inside this dilapidated house too.

6. Amber Beacon



A tragic story, this one. The couple were sitting at where the arrow is at (second picture) and that was when they were attacked. The man was stabbed in the back while the woman did not survive that nasty stab in her neck. There were rumors that the girl was allegedly raped and killed while the man was knock unconscious but the original story of how it went was reported on The Straits Time. This case was never solved and up till today the spirit of Kelly haunts the tower. As far as we know, she is still here because she couldn’t let go of certain thing and people. There has been some sightings of her spirit but no harm has been done to anyone.

Are you brave enough to venture this places? We are not, that’s for sure. If you’re planning to go, please go in a big group and always put your safety first and do not try to push your luck.

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