6 AWESOME Fitness Apps To Stay Motivated!

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How many of you have been sticking to your New Year’s Resolution of exercising or staying healthy? I guess none of you did (otherwise, you wouldn’t click on this article) and I understand why – it’s extremely difficult to maintain the enthusiasm after awhile.

However, do not give up just yet (even if you slipped back to your old lazy routine), we have come up with a list of fitness apps to help you along the journey- tried and tested by yours truly.

1. Sworkit – Daily Exercise and Fitness Workouts


The best thing about this app is that the workout routines can be as short as FIVE MINUTES or as long as an hour. There are workouts for everyone- Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, and Stretching, you name it, they have it. The app also has the option of targeting specific parts of your body, such as abs, legs or butt. Routines are set at random to prevent your body from getting used to a specific workout, and to work your body harder.

Available in both iTunes App Store & Google Play for free (with premium subscription option). Sync wirelessly with Apple Watch.

2. Stand up! The Work Break Timer


Did you know sitting down is a ‘silent killer’- slowly killing you? Stand Up is a flexible break time, which notify you with regular and simple reminder to stand up throughout the day. Adjust the time interval to your preference and it’s especially helpful for Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) sufferer or anyone who needs a break.

Available in iTunes App Store for free.

3. Move –daily activity to stay healthy


Instead of notifying you to stand up, Move will be short workout reminders that are spread throughout the day. Routine can be as simple and short, like planking for a minute, squats, pushup and even dancing. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the intervals of the notification, skip the entire day or weekends.

Available in iTunes App Store for free (with premium subscription option).

4. Fit Quote – Daily Fitness Quote


Fit Quote helps to keep you motivated to achieve your goals by posting a new inspiration fitness quote once a day. You also have the option to set reminders alert for your workout days! Save and set your favourite quote as a screensaver to stay motivated!

Available in both iTunes App Store & Google Play for free (with premium subscription option). Sync wirelessly with Apple Watch.

5. JeFit Workout


Jefit is a personal trainer- fitness, bodybuilding and workout, with over 1300 different workout animations in their database. There’s the option to create a personal workout routines and daily fitness plans, tracking body statistics, option of adding friends and interacting with the community. You won’t be bored when there are groups of people to supports and motivate you!

Available in both iTunes App Store & Google Play for free (with premium subscription option). Sync wirelessly with Apple Watch.

6. Fitbit


My favourite app out of all six and I swear by this. Fitbit is the top app for all-day tracking activity (daily steps and distance), workouts and health (sleep and food plan). All the information is displayed in terms of steps, weight, distance, sleep, calorie burned and more. The app also allows you to connect with friends as well, through direct messaging, challenging each other and competing on leaderboards.

Available in both iTunes App Store & Google Play for free. Sync wirelessly with Fitbit trackers.

The most important part about staying with your resolution is to remind yourself ‘why am I doing this’; losing weight or looking good shouldn’t be the main reason. Instead, staying fit and striving to be healthy is. Whether you slipped on your routine or taking a short break, you can always start from the beginning. After all, it’s better to walk the talk.

Half way through 2016 and there’s still hope! Download these apps to stay motivated! Share with us the fitness app you’ve used or love and how YOU stay on track.

Sweat it out!

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