5 Talented Local Individuals On Instagram That Should Have Been Discovered By Now

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Instagram belongs to the few apps that one will indefinitely open when they just want to pass time. Trying to wrap our heads around the actual number of images uploaded seems like a brobdingnagian task. And although the actual number be tricky to determine, it is a useful reminder of the number of photos out there. However, the diverse range of images to choose from presents its own problem –

How do you sort through the billions of averages images to find the gems in the rough, especially a local gem?

By getting creative – and creative they are. Below are 5 talented individuals who probably should have been discovered by now.

1. N I N O  Y A P  @ninoyap

A photo posted by Nino Yap (@ninoyap) on

The Singapore based image maker brings the definition of minimalist to a whole out-of-this-world other level. His photos exudes a certain calmness, evoking your inner emotions. It is sometimes reminiscent and other times sensual.


2. N I A L  A D R Y A N  @nialadryan

A photo posted by Nial Adryan (@nialadryan) on

4th April 16. Model @parisleeforever shot by me.

A photo posted by Nial Adryan (@nialadryan) on

Creative director and fashion photographer – his play with contrast, shutter speed, and art direction, just scream talent all over. His photos are abstract and high fashion all at the same time, making them look like they should belong in VOGUE.


3. S H A I F U L  @4statine_

Alone time is good.

A photo posted by Shy (@4statine_) on

A photo posted by Shy (@4statine_) on

Shy, as he would call himself, is excellent in documenting the daily candid of his surroundings and exhibiting drama into each individual photographs. His insta feed might be rojak, but it just shows how flexible he is in shooting behind the lens.


4. L U T H F I  K A U T S A R  @luthfikautsar

@vsco #TheRealDeal. – #LeicaM6 #portra400 #shootfilm

A photo posted by @luthfikautsar on

A photo posted by @luthfikautsar on

How does one capture images in Singapore and make it not look like any other photos we’ve seen before? Luthfi obviously knows the secret to it. His complex mind and extraordinary vision is shown in his photos.


5. T H A D D E U S  S O O N G  @thaddeus.95



A photo posted by Thaddeus Soong 文傲。宋 (@thaddeus.95) on

His crepuscular photos and feed makes your hair stand on its ends. The silent eeriness is mysterious and it makes one wonder just how did he do it?

Their abilities to let people have a glimpse into their artistic mind and eye is astounding. Show your support and beautify your homepage by following their accounts.

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