5 Sure Catch Prawning Places In The East That You Need To Visit

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Prawning has been a favourite pastime ever since it landed on Singapore’s shores years ago. It takes skills, patience and a bit of luck to hook a line with these prawns. It may look like a waste of time to some people, but for avid lovers of the activity it’s the perfect pastime for a cool night or weekend wind down. By far the most popular and well-known location to go prawning is at East Coast Park. There’s an abundance of people every night and especially so over the weekends. However today, we’re going check out 5 prawning places in the East/NorthEast other than at East Coast Park, each with its own unique characteristics that stands out from each another.

The Quiet: Riviera 24hrs Prawn Fishing

Riviera Prawn Fishing is located beside Punggol Golf Range. It’s located at the end of a small alley in a quiet location so prawning enthusiast can have full concentration while doing their thangg. However, its small space is big enough to contain 4 prawning ponds, all filled with enough prawns for you to get something over the time that you’re there.

Each pond is enough to fit around 30-40 people and it’s not very crowded during weekdays. Barbeque pits, satay sticks and salt are also provided so that you can cook your prawns after you’re done fishing for them.

Food and drinks are also provided if you get hungry. Prices are abit steeper than normal shops though. But if you really are hungry, there’s Domino’s Pizza right beside the prawning place. Overall, Riviera Prawn Fishing is a good quiet spot to do some prawning if you want to avoid the noise and the bustle of other prawning outlets.

Address: 60 Punggol East, 828825
Price: 1hr – $18
           2hr – $28
           3hr – $33
Worms are sold at $2 for each portion. Chicken liver is provided FOC.

The Lively: Hai Bin Prawning

Hai Bin prawning is a lively and vibrant place located by Punggol Serangoon Reservoir. It is surrounded by other facilities such as futsal pitches, billiards and pool outlets, cafes, and eateries. The abundance of parking space available on hand gives prawners a sense of calm knowing that they won’t have to think about LTA aunties on the hunt for illegally parked vehicles. It is also easily accessible by public transport as there are buses and LRTs along the main road.

Similar to Riviera Prawning, Hai Bin also carries four prawning ponds big enough for 30-40 people each. Prawns are also continuously refilled to ensure that each person has a good chance of catching prawns.

Hai Bin also has a beer garden in its vicinity. So don’t worry if you’re famished, there’s food nearby. With loud and fast paced songs provided, this 24hr facility is the most popular one in Punggol judging by the amount of people prawning on a weeknight.

Address: 6 Tebing Lane, 828835.
Price: 1hr – $18
           2hr – $28
           3hr – $33
Worms are sold at $2 for each portion. Chicken liver is provided FOC.

The Secluded: Ebi J Prawning Centre

Ebi J Prawning Centre has got to be my most favourite place out of the five places I’m covering in this article. It is located in Marina Country Club in Punggol and is indoors. You’d have to walk around a bit to find it but eventually, when you do find it, glad that you spent the time and effort to head over. It’s actually located in the boat parking area and it is impressive. Never mind that you don’t have full sea views, once you’re in the place itself you’ll be amazed.

They have 3 ponds. One for freshwater prawns, one for saltwater prawns and the other one is not opened for use. But get this; the saltwater pond has prawns and LOBSTERS. I mean I think it is the only prawning pond in Singapore, which offers lobsters in their ponds. I mean LEGIT lobsters not the yabbies (the prawns with claws).

There are two different prices for the two different ponds but personally I think that the price difference is worth it. Of course if you ever do get hungry while prawning you can always grab a bite as they offer full menu of food and drinks item. If you have to choose between the five prawning places in this article, I suggest you come here. However, though it is not open 24hours. It opens at 9am and closes early at 1am.

Address: Punggol Marina Country Club, 829734.
Price: Fresh water: 1hr – $18
                                   2hr – $28
                                   3hr – $33
            Salt water:   1hr – $20
                                   2hr – $30
                                   3hr – $35
Worms are sold at $2 for each portion.

The Laid Back Kampung Style: Aquarium Iwarna

I’m not kidding when I said kampong style. This place is located out of nowhere and is impossible to reach by bus. Even though I drove for the night, I still got lost looking for the place. However, all is forgiven when I finally found the place. The laid back kampong atmosphere is a fresh breathe of air from the busy roads of Singapore. Located deep in Pasir Ris Farmway, its atmosphere is what brings the regulars back to the place. It is the cheapest prawning place that I visited for the night and also the most relaxing one.

I mean look at it. Even the main counter has an old school vibe to it. There’re no shops anywhere nearby so the place stocks enough food and snacks for you to survive for the entire duration you’re there. Best part? Free parking of course! There’re no carparks which means that you’ve to park your vehicles along the road so its first come first serve.

They provide two ponds; both freshwater and they’re filled once every 2 hours depending on the crowd according to Mr Keong, a worker I talked to about that place. According to him, the prawning place is usually filled with regulars over the weekend so you’ve to come early to get your rods. And if you ever get bored of prawning, there are also fishing ponds available for you after 6pm. He said that the ponds have fishes from Thailand and other parts of SEA and they’re huge; and I concur from his statement as I’ve seen the fish and also the pictures.

Overall, I feel that this place has a calming effect on me. I felt very serene during my visit. If you have a vehicle and want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a while, I think this would be the perfect place for you. Oh and Mr Keong might look fierce but he’s actually a very friendly person. Just go up and have a conversation with him. He’s actually a talkative guy!

Address: 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, 518234.
Price: Fresh water: 1hr – $14
                                   2.5hrs – $28
                                   4hr – $42

The Kelong Style: D’ Lifestyle Corner @Pasir Ris Town Park

D’ Lifestyle Corner was the last place that I visited for the night, as it was already very late. Other than prawning, they also provide crabbing, skill fishing and kids fishing. You can even take a small boat into the pond to fish (with extra charges of course)! Of course when I state that it’s kelong style, I really mean it. There’re floating platforms for prawning, which add to the excitement.

Ahh see floating platforms. Don’t worry they’re safe to walk on. There’re different sections, which separates the different activities available. While I was there, there weren’t anyone around doing any activity but I’m sure that it is filled with people over the weekends.

Overall I think the place has a very fun kelong vibe to it akin to the times of our fathers. Well not really but you get my point. The prices were average too similar to the ones in Punggol and it’s very accessible as compared to the others in the list. It’s a 5 mins walk away from Pasir Ris MRT and there are a lot of parking lots available for those who drive. I think the most interesting activity here is actually crabbing. The staff told me that you’ve to have really good patience to actually catch a crab. He hasn’t even caught one even though he works there. I think if I were to try it, I’ll fail after 5 minutes. I really don’t have the patience for that.

Address: 96 Pasir Ris Central, 519638.
Price: Fresh water: 1hr – $18
                                   2hrs – $30
                                   3hrs – $38
                                   4hrs – $54

These 5 places that I’ve listed out can be suited to your different needs. Maybe you want a quiet spot, or maybe you want to feel the kampong life or even maybe you’d want to have a big crowd around you so that you feel motivated to prawn harder! Just pick a spot and prawn. You do you. Till the next one!

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