5 Dishes in Temasek Polytechnic (TP) That Got The Alumni To Return After All These Years

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As an alumni of Temasek Polytechnic (TP), the school—environment, schoolmates, lecturers and food—holds fond memories for me. Graduating four years ago (gosh, I am old!), I would still return back to TP every now and then. Friends, who were not from TP, often told me that TP alumni always seem to be returning. The statement is definitely true. Many of us return just for the awesome food because not only does the food taste amazing, the prices are dirt-cheap.

Sadly, as TP ages, so does the store owners. Over the past few years, many stores I hold dearly to have ceased operation (a moment of silence for Breadboard/Concourse drink store and Salad Bar). Despite the changes, some stores still remain.

Here are 5 dishes in Temasek Polytechnic that got alumni to return all the time.


#1 – Spicy Nuggets ($1 for 3 pieces) @ Short Circuit

As an engineering student (engine Oi!), our go-to food was the spicy nuggets from Western Stall in Short Circuit. Though, I am more of a spicy fries than nuggets person, anything that was dusted with the chilli powder tasted amazing! Spicy nuggets go at 3 pieces for $1, 5 pieces for $1.50 and 7 pieces for $2. If you want a fuller meal, order the Breakfast Set C ($2.20), which is my favourite.

Stall: Western Food
Location: School of Engineering (Block 17, Level 2)


#2 – Chicken Cutlet with Nacho Cheese Sauce ($4) @ Designer Pad


Everyone who has ever been to Design canteen will know about the Western Food stall. Nacho cheese complements the crispy chicken in the way like how peanut butter and jelly goes together. As they are one of the more popular food stalls, the queue is always long but I ensure you that the waiting time is worth it.

Stall: Western Food
Location: School of Design (Block 28, Level 1)


#3 – Muslim Food (from $2.60) @ The Designer Pad


One staple, one meat dish and two vegetable dishes only set you back at $2.60. Furthermore, the stall owners are very friendly and generous with the food portion. Remember to take huge heaps of chilli after payment, sedap!

Design canteen has the highest popularity among students—unfortunately, the canteen also has the lowest seat capacity. Eating with a big group may be a challenge and you guys will probably have to split up. Try going earlier to beat the lunch crowd.

P.s don’t forget to order teh ping or ice lemon tea from the drinks stall.

Stall: Muslim Food
Location: School of Design (Block 28, Level 1)


#4 – Triple Deck Sandwich ($1.30) @ Business Park

Featuring yet another wester stall in Business school that is often seen with a queue. While most people will order the usual main dishes, the hidden gem (ok maybe not so hidden) is their sandwich. A typical sandwich cost $1.10 but the ones at is selling the Triple Deck Sandwich—packed with ham,cheese, egg, tuna—at $1.30. Just look at how much ingredient was being placed in-between!

Stall: Western Stall
Location: School of Business (Block 26, Level 1)


#5 – Yong Tau Foo (from $2.50) @ Flavours Food & Beverages (ITAS)


ITAS is probably the only air-conditioned canteen in school. With a section reserved only for teachers and halal certified, the food court is popular among lectures and students. Visit the yong tau foo stall for a healthy lunch option. With a vast selection of ingredient, have in the dried or soupy form, and both taste equally good.

Stall: Yong Tau Foo
Location: School of Applied Science/ School of Informatics & IT (Block 4, Level 2)*

Tell us which is your favourite stall or dishes at Temasek Polytechnic.

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  1. ITAS is under renovation till end of June.

    1. Dear Jervois, thanks for letting us know. We have updated the article with the additional information.

  2. Hi I graduated last yr and still havent gotten the chance to go back but i heard from friends going to sit that there have been changes to several stores in BizPark… I was wondering if you know if the Nasi Padang store has changed?? The popcorn chicken they sell there was the go to or me and many biz students who need to grab something small to eat in class….

  3. This is a famouse legacy left behind by one of my friend called Ng Lin Wei in the Yong Tau Foo stall in ITAS.

    Him: Eh Aunty, La jiao la bu la? (Is the chilli spicy)
    Aunty: Bu hui chi la bu yao chi la (If you don’t know how to eat spicy food then don’t eat)

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