5 Deadly Instant Noodles That Are Not Samyang Bulnak Bokkummyeon That Will Set Your Mouth On Fire

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If we don’t love spicy food, are we really Singaporeans? (No offence to our fellow citizens who can’t take spiciness though) When Samyang Bulnak Bokummyeon just doesn’t make the cut anymore, we move on to find other spicy noodles that will satisfy our tingling taste buds (and be a 2NE1 wannabe).

1. Dare You! Habanero Rameyon


Habanero peppers are one of the most spiciest peppers in the world. And what would happen when this Spain-originated chili is combined with korean ramyeon? You get a hot mess, that is. Being one of Jalapeno’s closest cousin, this pepper here will make sure you down cups of milk just right after your first bite. It’s spicier than Samyang Bulnak Bokkumyeon which already brought us to tears, so how will this Habanero “torture” us? Are you ready for this war?

2. Nong Shim Jinjja Jinjja


Though not as spicy as the fire noodles, Jinjja Jinjja definitely stands out as one of the most unique yet spicy ramyeon you can find. It is a Korean spin-off on a typical SzeChuan cuisine; a combination of chewy noodles, the spiciness of the SzeChuan noodles that pack a punch and also the nutty flavour of the pork-based soup. It taste really different from all the rameyon thanks to the peanut powder and it will definitely draws you to want more of it!

3. Paldo Teumsae Ramyeon


At a whooping 8557 on the Scoville scale, even before you dig into this ramyeon, it’s aroma after cooking it will bring a tingling sensation to your nose and you know it’s going to be burning. But, you will find yourself wanting more and more because it’s just so good. This brand is less known in Singapore as it is not on the shelves of our supermarket yet but you can always get it on Amazon or Airfrov!

4. Paldo Bulnak Bokkumyeon Spicy Fried Octopus Ramyeon



Extremely spicy, extremely tear-inducing; this dry instant ramyeon will absolutely create a chaos in your mouth. You might be fooled by the initial sweetness of the ramyeon and be all “WAH no kick!” but a few mouths later you will be screaming for God. But the thing is, you’ll fall in love with it. Double confirm plus chop.

5. Paldo Hwa Ramyeon Hot & Spicy


This Hwa Ramyeon is not as spicy as any of the above, in fact it’s the least spicy but it definitely packs its own punch. Slightly spicier than the normal ramyeon like Shin/NongShim’s mushroom or kimchi ramyeon, it is worth a try for those who can’t take all the crazy levels of spiciness. The soup base is so heavenly when it’s hot, eat it on a cold night and you will know what we mean. To our low tolerance friends, maybe you could start “training” with this and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be eating the real FIRE ramyeon!

Spicy food are like drugs. You’ll keep going back to it no matter how spicy it is. The more you eat, the more addicted you get. Challenge your friends to finish these insane noodles today!

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