5 Bingsu Places In Singapore That Are Totally Worth Trying

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First, it was froyo (llaollao), followed by churros and lately, it’s bingsu. Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert and ever since it was introduced in Singapore, the people simply love it.

I never like shaved ice dessert to begin with, but the type of shaved ice in Korean Bingsu is very different from our local ice kachang. Made with milk, it melts in your mouth with such creamy texture that makes you smack your lips in satisfaction.

With the influx of Korean dessert parlours, there never seem to be enough to satisfy our cravings. At the moment, there are over thirty (maybe even more) different Bingsu parlours, some are good while others are bad.

Instead of having to try all the different places and finding the best, we have come up with a list of Bingsu that is actually worth trying and value for money. Here are 5 places with the best Bingsu in town!

1. Mango Cheesecake Bingsu ($18.90) @ O’ma Spoon Korean Dessert Cafe


The first Bingsu I had in my life was from O’ma Spoon. The first bite got me falling in love since and that’s how my relationship with Bingsu began. Despite trying out several other places, my heart still goes out to the Mango Cheesecake.

The mango’s slightly sour, but the tangy taste goes well with the creamy texture of both the shaved ice milk and the cheesecake. Did you know their cheesecake is air flown from Korea? Given a choice, I could finish the entire bowl on my own. It’s that good!

Address: 313 @ Somerset, Orchard Road #04-20/32 S(238895) &
6 Raffles Blvd, #04-102 Marina Square, S(039594)
Operating hours: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

2. Choco Banana Bingsu ($13.90) @ Nunsaram Korean Dessert Café


Nunsaram offers one of the most affordable bingsu in Singapore. Prices begin at $12.90, generous with the toppings (almond flakes) and the portion size just right to be shared among two or three people.

They have three outlets in Singapore with the introduction of the newest outlet at United Square offering the takeaway cup. Now we can have bingsu anytime we want and mind you, the cup is huge with the prices ranging from $6 to $8.

3 Gateway Drive, #04-37/K4 Westgate S(608532), 181 Orchard Road, #05-51/52 Orchard Central S(238896), & 101 Thomson Road, #01-K13 United Square S(307591)
Operating hours:
Westgate: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm
Orchard Central: 11 am to 10 pm

3. InJeolmi BingSu (S$11) @ Bing Go Jung


Probably one of the cheapest bingsu parlour. Known for its big and generous portion with most bingsu going at $11. The Injeolmi bingsu is a traditional specialty from Busan and apparently, it’s also the highly recommended flavor at Bing Go Jung. The main ingredients are Korean sweet sticky rice cake, shaved ice milk, soya bean powder, and sprinkled with toasted almonds.

Address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza S(588996)
Operating hours: Daily from 10 am to 11 pm

4. Melon ($16.90) @ BiBing


Do you like rock melon? I love them! The melon bingsu is humongous, over-the-top kind of bingsu. Furthermore, the melon balls are adorable. The concept of using the actual melon, as a bowl is brilliant! You get to have fun scooping out the excess flesh at the bottom later on.

As compared to the usual chocolate bingsu or the classic patbingsu, the melon bingsu is a much healthier option. After gobbling up the entire bowl, you’ll feel less guilty. I mean essentially you are only eating an entire rock melon (a fruit), right? Of course, along with a few other goodies.


Fancy something more fun or creative? Try their BiBim ($18), a remodeled version of bibimbap using fruits as toppings. Have I mentioned that the interior of the café is beautifully decorated? It’s as though you are in a magical forest filled with flowers.

Address: 50, Smith Street, S(058958)
Operating Hours:
Sun-Thu: 12 pm to 10 pm
Fri-Sat: 12 pm to 11 pm
Closed on Mondays

5. Macchiato + Espresso ($16.80) @ Café Insadong


While I am not a fan of coffee, this tastes so good. The fragrance of the espresso, together with the sweetness of the ice cream and shaved iced is just perfect. Not exceptionally sweet as compared to the rest of the bingsu, perfect if you want a sweet treat but don’t have a sweet tooth.


The Red Bean and Sweet Potato bingsu ($12.80) is one of the best sellers. The purple from the sweet potato makes the bingsu look really pretty. Will be back to try this out. The only downside is that the portion size is slightly smaller, or maybe I am just greedy.

Address: 279 South Bridge Road S(058828)
Operating Hours:
Tue-Thu: 12 pm to 9 pm
Fri-Sat: 12 pm to 10 pm
Sun: 2 pm to 8 pm
Closed on Monday


I wonder how long the hype will last till Singaporeans get tired of Bingsu and move on to a new dessert (rainbow bagels?). Probably due to Singapore’s weather, we all call for something cold like Bingsu to beat the heat.

If you’ve tried better Bingsu places (other than in Korea) than the ones listed in this article, let us know! We would love to try them out.

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