4 Facts about the Closure of Underwater World Singapore

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I am sure most of you have seen the news regarding the closing of the Underwater World Singapore (UWC). UWC has been a staple attractions to both the locals and the tourist, however, ever since the introduction of Sea Aquarium Singapore, business has been slow. Therefore, the operator decided to cease the operations as of 26th June.

Here are 3 facts about the closure.

1. Concerns over the conditions and health of the animals

Over the years, the pink dolphins have received many concerns from the public. One of the dolphins had been diagnosed with a form of non-contagious skin cancer, showing visible infection and a wound on her bottom jaw. There were many incidents that caused the public to raise concerns over the health of these animals.

2. Animals will be relocated

With two years more the lease expiration date, UWC will be relocating the animals to various facilities around the world. the pink dolphins, fur seals, and otters have already been moved to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (COK), an oceanarium in Zhuhai, China. While the rest of the animals are still looking for a new home.

3. Relocation was carefully selected

The relocation of the pink dolphins, fur seals, and otters took nearly a year of reviewing various facilities and COK has one of the finest facilities in the world, staff with expertise in marine mammal veterinary and husbandry care, and an active breeding and conservation programme. The transfer was already approved by Singapore and China authorities.

4. Public will enjoy a lower rate till its closure

The actual prices have not been release yet.

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