2017 Calendar And All The Long Weekends You Should Take Note Of

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Believe it or not, 2017 will be bolting right through the door in 3 months time. Well slow down, Usain, I’m not certain any of us are ready to leave the year yet.

If you feel like you’ve done nothing much in the past year, perhaps William Penn is right – Time is what we want most but what we use worst. The friends we promised to catch up with but didn’t, the holidays we said we’d go to this year but couldn’t, the woulds but the wouldn’ts. Time allows for us to maximize it beneficially but instead, we rather laze under our covers, clad in pajamas, catching up on the latest episode of a pointless TV series.

Perhaps it’s time to take a break from all the procrastination and empty “busy” schedule. Time to fully utilize all the holidays in 2017. Should you ever feel that the long weekends are too short for you to travel anywhere far & nice, well, we have got you covered in our 5 Islands To Visit For A Short Weekend Away From Singapore.

From the procrastinators to the wanderlusters, a comprehensive guide to our 2017 calendar has been created based on the holidays listed on MOM & MOE website. The school breaks have been included into the calendar should one aim to bring their family on a holiday trip or simply avoid the peak travel period. The long weekends have also been highlighted for your convenience. As for the holidays that fall on a Wednesday, you could use your leave on Thursday and Friday for a longer weekend.


Travelling makes us grow, and gives us life-long memories. Go on, save our 2017 calendar and start planning your travel dates. You’re welcome.

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