20 Carousellers You Must Check Out Otherwise You’ll Be Full Of Regrets

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Carousell started out as a platform for users to sell their second-hand or pre-loved items but over time, it’s growth saw an opportunity to improve the app, and now the have groups for different communities, a section just for parents, pre-orders and even property! As we all know, there are hundreds and thousands of sellers and buyers on the app and undeniably, there are also carousellers who have quirky and exciting things that you can’t find in Singapore!

Stationery & Stickers



Super cute and animated stickers that you can use it not only on your laptop but also your diaries and notebooks! They have tons and tons of designs and cartoons to choose from and we are trying to hard to stop fussing over these adorable stickers!



Forget getting notebooks at Typo, Muji and kikki.k, just look at the designs of the notebooks and more importantly, the price! You may say Typo/Muji/kikki.k has something cheaper but is it really as nice as these? Plus their notebooks are quite thick, I would say it’s really worth the price, I mean a price range from $5 to $7, I’m gonna buy one after I’m doing with this article. Really.

Men’s Fashion



Simple, basic street wear that will never go out of style! They have literally everything in lots of designs, from polo tees to pocket tees to baseball jackets to short-sleeved tops to long-sleeved even tees with abstract art, you name it they have it. Easy to match with any pants, now you don’t have to fret what to wear when you go out with bae.



Lots of pullovers and cardigans that even HypeBeast may approve! They have range of designs, colour and patterns that will spoil your for choices. They also have bags and caps that you can match with their clothes. We love the designs that they have since you don’t see lots of it in Singapore!

Women’s Fashion



From casual wear to dresses for party nights to OL outfits, they have it all in different sizes instead of the usual one size fits all. May we also emphasise on the designs and patterns of the clothes? Pretty sure we can’t get these in shops here. Plus, the prices are quite reasonable and cheaper than some of the local online shops! (Psst, they have over 1000 outfits).



Think the “wholesale” in the user name is clear enough. Yes, their prices are definitely cheaper than most sellers, they even have clothes that cost just a single digit. Lots of street wear that are appropriate for anytime and anywhere!



Another platform for casual/smart casual wear. Affordable and easy to match around with lots of other styles. They also have shoes, clutches and bags that are really simple yet outstanding. Oh, we forgot to mention they have some really hipster phone cases as well!



As shoe manufacturers, we can’t deny that they have some really nice designs going on. In trend and easy to match with literally any outfits, they have heels, wedges and flats that cater to all our different preferences but then again, we would probably just get everything since it’s cheaper than some other well-known shoe brands that sell similar designs.

Jewellery & Accessories



Looking for some nice and legit watches to please bae and look presentable? Then this is for you, but don’t say we didn’t warn you, the prices range from 3 digits to 4 digits – that’s how legit these watches are. Second hand but definitely kept in the best conditions and the seller wouldn’t reserve until you meet up with him to see the real deal, no cheats here!


@hanxi aka Fresh from the Kiln

All the necklaces, bracelets and even earrings are handmade, which explains the huge price tag. Very minimalistic and although you’d say you can get this kind of accessories anywhere, you can’t deny that they have some pretty unique designs that are one of a kind. They also supply the gemstones so if you ever feel like DIY-ing, you know who to go to!



From $5 to $27.90, this caroushop has numbers of statement necklaces and earrings that would go so well with a plain dress or actually, anything. If bold, loud accessories are not for you, don’t worry, they have really simple and minimalistic ones that will suit your taste! We definitely love the varieties of designs and colours they have, especially for the statement pieces!

Gifts & Others



Probably the very first in Singapore to start this box card business before it became popular, prettycards sold more than a hundred box cards since 2013 and her online business is only gradually getting bigger and bigger. She has lots of orders so be sure to follow her to check when pre-orders are open before you miss your slot!



7 categories of second hand books for you to choose from. The prices are already quite cheap and guess what? Buy more than 2 books and you get to negotiate! There are some really great books on there and even school books which means you don’t have to spend extra money to get a newer and more expensive one, wew!



This reminded of Lush, certainly. With all that bath bombs, lip scrub and bath salts that are as unique as Lush’s but more affordable, it has drawn quite a lot of customers. What’s better? They have scents that Lush doesn’t have!



This is for all you Gudetama fans out there. They have everything a Gudetama fanatic ever wanted honestly, I’m already thinking of getting that pillow already!




Do we have a koko krunch bar in Singapore? No. Where to get it? Kyeora. They have lots of food that you can only get if you are overseas and for the price they are charging, I wouldn’t mind get a few of that green tea latter and cookies & cream chocolate!



Cute, pastel-coloured packaging that would be so lovely for that cake you just baked for your friend/beloved! Lots of styles, lots of colours, you’ll be sure to find something that you need! Even their paper dollies are so cute, we’re obsessed!



Really quirky food right here. From instant macaroni to mentaiko cheese that you can never ever find in Singapore, this Carouseller has it all! Their products are mostly from HongKong and yes I’ve gotten the Tomyam-flavoured instant macaroni from them before. I mean, it’s normal but I’m really loving it!

Furniture & Deco



Super minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing this one. If you’re going to have a room makeover or just to spice up your space, don’t forget to check out this Carousell!



This Caroushop has lots of really unique and timeless furniture. From vintage to modern, they will fit in your home perfectly. If you think your home is missing something you could probably find something here. Otherwise, it could also be a great gift for your friend/relative who’s having a housewarming!

If someone tells you Carousell is just for second-hand items, show them this post.

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