12 Reasons Why Singaporeans Love McDonalds So Much

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It’s not a lie that we grew up with McDonalds and as kids, we always look forward to happy meals and weekend breakfasts there. As adults we look forward to all the discounts and freebies, limited edition merchandise and basically a quick solution when we have no time to eat. McDonalds is for everyone and quoting our Pledge, “regardless of race, language and religion”. Here’s why Singaporeans love McDees so much that it has become a lifestyle.

1. It’s really affordable

Really though, there’s something on the menu that everyone can afford to buy. Whether you are a student or working adult or old or left with $2. There’s always something you can get.

2. It’s very accessible

McDonalds is everywhere. And some have it even better with one right below their HDB blocks. LUCKY.

3. McDelivery

It’s 24 hours. Who else has 24 hours delivery?

4. Similar standards across all outlets

We always get different servings at different Llao Llao outlets but not here at McDees, everything is standard across all outlets islandwide. Love it.

5. Curry sauce

‘Nuff said. They even sold it in bottles. Here’s how you can make it if a curry sauce crisis happens again.

6. Limited Edition Toys


I am a guilty party too. But now, I have tons of Hello Kitty at home and they are my most prized possession. Move aside, sports trophies.

7. Complete meals


You have a main, a side, a dish; what’s missing? Desserts. That’s what McCafe is for.

8. Seasonal Flavours


Himalayan Tea Ice Cream, watermelon/melon swirls, prosperity burger, ebi burger, shaker fries, banana pie, taro pie; Macs is definitely getting more and more exciting, isn’t it?

9. Double Mcspicy


This burger deserves a special mention on it’s own. This is probably Singapore’s represent and I would petition this to be our National Burger. You can never compare the flavour of the chicken patty to another other patties. I wish there was a triple mcspicy. Macs should start selling the patty on it’s own.

10. Alarm Clock Rewards


Okay, we won’t deny there were better rewards in the past but hey, it’s still not that bad now. I mean, they are giving us discounts still and we have to be grateful for that. Only McDonalds does it

11.  Turtle Pond


This outlet is along Farrer Road is the one and only fast food restaurant in Singapore to have such a zen setting. And yes, 90’s kids, remember how we always throw bread into the pond when we are at the outdoor seating area?

12. Monopoly Game


When a family’s favourite board game becomes real……CHIONG AH. Another smart marketing by McDonalds but honestly though, who wouldn’t get sucked into this? We can’t wait for this year’s Monopoly that’s for sure!

Are there anymore reasons why you love McDonalds? True that sometimes the fries are not as salty as we want or they forget about our seaweed shaker but it will always remain as our #1 love!

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