10 Types Of Singaporean Aunties You Will Either Love Or Hate

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Knowing a Singaporean is one way to find out about the culture and history of Singapore. As a multinational and multicultural country, you will encounter so many different types of people. For this article, we will be touching on Singaporean aunties. These people could be your mother, aunts, friend’s mother and even strangers. Basically, aunties are everywhere in Singapore, from wet market to shopping malls and gyms.

Here are 10 different types of aunties you are sure to encounter at least once in your life.


#1 – The Bargain (Cheapskate) Hunter


This applies to most aunties in Singapore. They often go around asking for a discount even when the item is already at a promotional price. No matter what situation, haggling comes with a die-die must succeed attitude because a dollar discount is better than nothing.

#2 – The Fitness Gurus


Line dancing is commonly associated with aunties, but in this case, fitness aunties have a gym membership or participate in classes, such as Zumba, kickboxing, pilates, yoga and even jazz dancing. They try to lead a healthy lifestyle and tend to be health conscious and into superfoods, such as chia seeds, manuka honey, and coconut oil. Most of the time, these aunties are fitter and healthier than you.

#3- The Wannabe Money Maker


Every Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays are considered a busy day for them. They will spend time queuing up at the Singapore Pool with the hopes of winning extra cash. During the weekend, they spend their time on a cruise ship or at a casino exercising their fingers on machines that change images each time a button is pressed. That would be the jackpot machine loved by women of all ages. Of course, we have the typical mahjong players who gather to try and win small amounts of money.

#4 – The Gossip Queen


For some reason, this type of aunty knows everyone and their dirty secrets, be it the marriage of someone, who won Toto/4D or even who recently passed away. She knows literally everything. Bumping into people is an opportunity for her to dish out dirt and collect them till the right timing to let it out. Beware when she starts asking you questions, she just wants to know your secrets.

#5 – The Haolian (Show-Off)


The first sentence that comes out of her mouth is, “You know I got this…” and sentences normally end with a branded bag, jewellery, her children’s academic grades and talents, or a country. Basically, her main motive is to show off whatever expensive items she owns, how capable her children are, and where she travels to.

#6 – The Hip & Trendy



There are two types of trendy aunties, a cool aunty and a wannabe. Generally, they keep up with the latest trends and love being part of it. Being active on social media and dressing young are only a small portion of what they do. Of course, the cool ones only follow trends that seem fit. They also love to participate in events and performances.

#7 – The Hoarder


Toys, books and even plastic bags from a decade ago are still packed in a corner of the house. When you try to throw away an old bag, she kept it on your behalf instead. Collecting things is her past time even though she never once uses those items.

#8 – The Kiasu One


The moment the train’s or bus’s door opens, she rushing in without any concern. Pushing everyone else in her way and all these just to get a seat. If there is a sale or queue going on, you will see her there because she hates missing out on things, especially if it’s a good deal. Chopping tables with tissue packet or umbrella is also a common sight.

#9 – The Loud Hailer


Is it just me, or do all aunties speak as if they’re shouting? Whether speaking in person or over the phone, the loud hailer just talks in a very, very loud voice. It seems as though she wants everyone on the bus or streets to know the conversation details.

#10- The Moralist


Anyone remember this incident at Takashimaya where one aunty started scolding a young female for wearing revealing clothes? Yeah, that. I agree that some females go overboard by dressing too little but seriously, the aunty has no right to humiliate her in public. The best thing to do when you encounter them is to walk away.


Is there a specific aunty you love or hate? I am sure our mum or grandmum will have one or two of these points but no matter what, we still love them for who they are. Afterall, they are our blood and family.


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