10 Sinful Treats We All Need When We Are Stressed AF

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We all have our own comfort food when we are stressed and they could be anything. As long as they help us de-stress, they are comfort food and this is why most of us find ourselves gaining a few numbers on the scale – because we are stressed all year round and we need snacks to survive. Or is that just an excuse? Regardless, here are some of “sinful” treats, as how majority of us would describe it as, that we love!

1. McWings + Vanilla Cone


Our content wizard, Su loves dipping her McWings into her vanilla cone. Yes, we can visualise chicken wings in her right hand and an ice cream on the left. Honestly though, you gotta try. Spicy, hot wings with cold soft serve, just imagine it and you can feel it in your mouth already. Next thing you know, you are in the queue at Mcdonalds. You can probably do the same with nuggets and fries too, yum!

2. Instant Noodles


How many times have we seen and read articles about instant noodles being cancerous or unhealthy, etc? And how many times have we chosen instant noodles over proper meals? Mmhmmm. Can’t deny the soup is heavenly. We challenge you to try these instant noodles!

3. Freakshakes


Freakshakes are like all-in-one. You get the milkshake, you get the snacks, sometimes you even get the cake. Also, they are humongous. It’s filling and so satisfying. I would choose a freakshake over deadlines anytime. You can find the best freakshakes in Singapore here.

4. Hotpot


Pigging out at a hotpot restaurant is the best thing ever. All you ever need to focus on is eating, forget all about your worries and channel all that energy into eating. And that is also why there are other steamboat places that are not Hai Di Lao, so you don’t have to worry about the 3-digit bill you are going to choke up in just 2 hours.

5. Ice Cream

Sitting in bed with your frazzled hair and the pjs you have not changed out in three days, feeding yourself non-stop from the $22 Ben & Jerry’s tub and telling yourself “I don’t wanna do this anymore” but you still continue doing it because societal expectations.

6. Pizza

Our go-to, isn’t it? We wish we could eat pizzas and recycle them back in one piece through our eyes too. I wouldn’t mind eating pizzas for the rest of my life because mate ain’t gonna suddenly be any less stressed out.

7. Cakes

The close relative of ice cream; sweet, satisfying, soft, fluffy. All we need when sh*t happens.

8. Truffle Fries


Truffle fries now triumph McDonald’s fries and every now and then we see on out Instagram feed a huge bowl of truffle fries with Parmesan cheese shavings and then we find ourselves craving for these all the time…

9. Chips


Potato chips are like our parents. They are always there for us no matter how old or how young we are. Chips were there for us since we were really little and it’s one of those snacks that grew up with us.

10. Mookata


Studying/working at night means hunger pangs at unearthly hours and how do your satisfy wee-hour hunger? Getting tired of having macs for supper? That’s when you suddenly think of mookata because mookata is always opened till late. So mookata it is! If you don’t know where’s good, we can help  😀

What food do you stuff yourself silly when you are stressed and worn out? Share and let us know in the comments section and we will feature on our site! Good luck to all you taking exams!

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