10 Signs You Are A Wanderluster

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With the strong desire to travel and explore the unknown, wanderlusters are fueled by the ecstatic feeling of unearthing new places and will do whatever it takes to go on the trip any chance they have. The aftermath of getting the travel bug is the ravenous appetite to go on more travels.

How do you know if you are truly a wanderluster?

Wanderlust // n. A strong desire to travel and roam about the Earth.


1.You start your stories with “When I was in”

Most of your stories are related to your traveling days, and you cannot help it. You feel good retelling stories of your adventures, and it just becomes part of your life.

 2. You prefer experiences not things

While others splurge on branded goods and are thinking of buying the homes of their dreams, you, on the other hand, find life a fulfillment from the peaceful moments appreciating the little things in life.

3. You have different currencies in your wallet

You are going to find currencies from all over the globe remaining in your wallet from your past travels.


4. Your friends live all over the world

You have friends that live in Italy, Romania, Pakistan, Lebanon, Mexico, Hong Kong and the list goes on. You guys have made memories that will last a life time. You never imagined how close you could get to people from different parts of the world but made it anyway.


5. Your Instagram is dedicated to travel

While most people are posting an outfit of the day, you, on the other hand, are posting selfies that you took at the Trevi Fountain in Rome or the Temple of Parthenon in Athens.

6. A 9-6 job scares the heck out of you

One of your biggest fears in life is being tied down to a desk-bound job that limits days of annual. You are afraid of being stuck to a rigid schedule and will rather participate in flexible jobs that allow you to be as free as a bird.

7. You can say “hello” and “thank you” in multiple languages

You know the importance of greetings and being able to thank someone when you are in a foreign land. You think it is only fair you respect them by doing so for their kind gestures like helping you with directions.


8. You are always planning trips in advance

You know you have a serious case of wanderlust, and you find yourself looking up routes to get around different cities and flight fares in advance. Your friends also know that you are the go-to person for any trip advice.

9. You love taking risks

Risks are like eating rusks for you. You do not fear change, in fact, it motivates you to try new things. You are constantly in search for greater things and you know you got to have the courage to find it.

10. Jet lag isn’t a real thing, not for you anyway

You have mastered the art of travel and hate wasting time. You cringe at those who complain about something minute like jet lag when you can be out discovering the unknown.

We hope this telltale signs helps identify if there is a wanderlust bug in you!

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