10 Instagram Accounts That Are Not Your Typical White Background

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In the age of the Internet, a lot of things are instantly a hit but overexposure results in something being less spectacular than it really is. Flat lays with white backgrounds, for example, have become so passé that most of us are getting bored of it. Actually, we are over it. Though they are still a pretty sight to see on Instagram, most users are now looking for something different and these Instagram accounts show you that you don’t need to lay out your stuff neatly on the ground and edit it to become faded. Some times all you need some colour in your life.

1. @food by Sarah Phillips


Food flatlays from café jaunts would normally dominate ones Instagram feed and Explore Page but we forget that food close-ups look the best. It makes you salivate and your tummy grumble. Pictures posted on @food Instagram account are pictures tagged to the account and trust me the food looks heavenly. You can expect delicious, sinful desserts, savoury mains and of course pretty food presentation.

2. @blatantlyblue by Nun



Nün Stannard is not your typical Asian influencer with pretty standard pictures of themselves overlooking their shoulder in some sponsored outfit. While she does all that and has her own line of jewelry, Nün adds a personal touch to her Instagram feed by having the colour blue in each and every post. It could be her hair, her outfit or the hues of her picture. It is very subtle and makes you fall in love with the colour blue, @blatantlyblue is a must follow.

3. @jxxsy by Natalie Joos



Natalie Joos is another fashionista on Instagram that tons of followers. Ladies, if you fashion, get your fashion inspiration from Joos because her bright and vibrant pictures will instantly perk you up. Don’t expect to see muted colours, standard angles and poses from Joos because vintage fashion is her thing and her colourful Instagram feed is definitely eye catching. Joos knows how to maintain the vibrancy of her Instagram feed even with the smallest details that is not related to fashion, such as flowers and interesting artwork.

4. @cestmaria by Maria Maria

This ride…

A photo posted by maria marie | london (@cestmaria) on


No white background? No problem because Instagram user @cestmaria takes her pictures to another level using only pastel colours to bring her Instagram feed to life. From pretty white shoes against a pink staircase, Maria knows how to capture the colours of the subject in her pictures. So if you think everything white and marble-y is pretty, you should check @cestmaria Instagram feed and that is the definition of pretty. Cue eye hearts emoji.

5. @tokyocamerastyle by Tokyo Camera Style


What started as a side project on Tumblr, John Sypel reach the jackpot as he realised there were many people in Tokyo still using film cameras. In a world where everyone goes digital, it is a breath of fresh air to see some who still stick to traditional film camera to capture their photos.

6. @mountkurb by Mount Kurb

#mountkurb #microarventures #landroverdefender

A photo posted by Mount Kurb | Micro Adventures (@mountkurb) on


You will be dreaming of your next trip with this Instagram feed. Mount Kurb is created by a bunch of guys who are excited and passionate to create adventures for themselves. So start planning and get packing for your next adventure no matter how small or big they are.

7. @grizandnorm by Griz & Norm Lemay


Instagram is no short of wonderful artistic expression created by talented people. Griz and Norm Lemay are a couple and both are feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation studios. They have created the most artistic and ingenious work such as the kittycatclub where characters from popular movies or television series are transformed to cats, most notably, the Game of Thrones characters. The artwork is definitely iconic to Disney thus it brings you a sense of joy to see such artworks expanding to other fan fiction.

8. @cute_bubu by BuBu the Chinchilla



Animals have also taken Instagram by storm because they are cute and human beings are into cute animal pictures and videos. The most common animals Instagram accounts are of cats and dogs but here’s one of a chinchilla named Bubu.

9. @payphones by PayPhones

Who are you going to call when the robots take over?

A photo posted by @payphones on


When a picture is done artistically, it would be an Instagram success, even if the subject of the picture were a payphone. Yes I’m not kidding. This Instagram account has the hastag #payphoneography and has amassed 72k followers. But if you think what kind of pictures would be uploaded, you would be surprised. While most of the pictures, has an interesting, artistic, painted wall as a background, some payphones have ended up being art itself.

10. @apartmenttherapy by Apartment Therapy



This account is the Instagram version of Pinterest. Pinterest is known to have tones of pictures, hacks, and beautiful interior design inspirations. However the millions of pictures available can easily overwhelm a person. So be inspired by Apartment Therapy as they have tons of interesting pictures all in one account, from minimalist white inspired rooms, to eclectic designs and rustic décor. You will find something you like to get yourself inspired.

There are way more accounts that inspires us and the best part is they do not have your atypical white background, muted, and faded colours with a flat lay style. Some times all you need is a vibrant splash of colour or a close up picture to get Instagram users their attention.

Feature image: @cestmaria

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