10 Food You Should Try At This Year’s Ramadhan Bazaar At Geylang

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It’s another year and another month of awesome food to get our hands on. This year’s Ramadhan bazaar at Geylang did not disappoint. Aside from the usual roti john, pop corn, cotton candy, the ever so popular Ramli burger, we have amazing new eats that you should try. Some food items are totally new to the bazaar while others a recurring food with a new twist.

Rainbow Bagel by WORD.

It’s rainbow bagel! Yes the café that brought in the bagels has a stall set up at a stall at Geylang. If you have not read our review, check it out! The stall is located at the Tanjong Katong side of the bazaar and a bagel costs $8.

S’mores Dip by Happy Rollies

For $2.50 you get a generous serving of marshmallow on a bed of hot melted chocolate with biscuits to dip into. It is heavenly and definite must try! Other dips you would fancy is Oreo or White Chocolate.

Watermelo Volcano

The IT drink that you must try at Geylang. Watermelo volcano ($6.90) comes in a watermelon husk, with a slushie mixture of ice, watermelon and evaporated milk. The drink is accompanied with scoops of watermelons on the side. Another must try to quench your thirst!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Any beef that is well seasoned and drizzled with a ton of cheese, gets my vote! The Black Pepper Beef With Cheese Sandwich ($7) is very filling. If you wish to try other food items in the bazaar, get a friend to share this with.

Grilled Sotong

Grilled sotong ($4) is back again! Its chewy and soft with the meat slowly breaking apart as you bite into it. Not forgetting the spiciness of the sauce, which is to die for!

Macaron Ice Cream

Another dessert you should look out for! Macaron Ice Cream ($4.00). Created by people from Barakah Fe, the macarons are huge and expect nothing but quality artisan ice cream!

Nutella Bomb

Chocolate lovers will love this drink, purely chocolate with Nutella and sprinkles of marshmallow, the Nutella Bomb ($5) is the bomb!

Churros With Salted Egg Yolk

While churros isn’t new to the Geylang Bazaar, salted egg yolk as a sauce to accompany your churros, is! Try Locoloco SG’s new creation bite size pieces of churros drizzled with salted egg yolk sauce ($6.00), located at walkway along Mr Teh Tarik.

Dutch Homemade Pancake

Pancakes make you feel happy. So what’s better to get 10 bite size mini homemade Dutch Pancakes for $4.50. It comes with butter and icing sugar and an extra &0.50 for additional sauces like chocolate or maple syrup.

Encik Burger Benjo

Burger Ramli just level up to Encik Burger Benjo (no this is not from burger Ramli). This is another burger stall that offers three different meats, beef, chicken or fish with five sauces such as black pepper, sambal, rendang, mushroom or BBQ. Each burger comes with a patty, eggs sunny side up on top of the patty, a slice of cheese, lettuce and mayo sauce. A single patty costs $3.50 while a double costs $4.50.

Here’s a map, to navigate your way through the bazaar!

So are there foods that we have missed out that we should check out? What do you think of these food dishes, would you try it?

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