10 Famous Singapore Food Blogs You Should Read Daily

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Regardless of demographics, race, religion or sexuality, food is the one thing that unites people together. Humans love food, especially in a small country like Singapore, where most Singaporean’s money and time are spent eating at fancy restaurants, chilling at quirky cafes and trying out delectable desserts.

With the influx of more food places opening in Singapore, following the latest food trends or finding the best tasting food gets tricky. Where to get the best churros? Does this salted egg yolk croissant taste better than the previous ones? Are there any healthy and affordable lunch to try in the city? Gosh, the endless number of questions!

Fortunately, as food places increase, so does food bloggers. Thanks to them, they have aided us in narrowing down restaurants, cafes and desserts by giving honest reviews and offering advice.

Based on statistics (past six months records) from similarweb.com on 26th March 2016, here are 10 famous food blogs you should follow to keep up with the food trends happening in Singapore.


1. Ladyironchef.com (Rank: #452, Total Visits: 1.10M)


In 2007, ladyironchef started out as a humble blog, where the owner, Brad, writes about his personal stories of his daily life, reviews on food and dining places, and countries he travels to. Fast forward to the present, ladyironchef has an extensive portfolio of working with various dining places and brands, garnering more than a million views over the course of six months. Currently, Brad continues to manage ladyironchef as the Chef Editor while more authors joined him in producing content for the blog.


2. Danielfooddiary.com (Rank: #661, Total Visits: 794.60K)


As a follower of Daniel’s social media accounts – Instagram and Snapchat, the majority of his images and videos are of food. As a full-time corporate trainer and lecturer, you can’t help but wonder where did Daniel manage to find all the time to attend tasting events. Unlike other food blogs, Daniel’s comes off as more personal and humourous, incorporating slangs and dialects into his writing style.


3. Sethlui.com (Rank: #806, Total Visits: 764.8K)


Graduated from Singapore Management University in 2010 with a Degree in Business Management (Double majors Marketing & Finance), Seth Lui has obtained various job experiences such as a food retail entrepreneur, speaker, marketer, ex-bartender, designer, and consultant. Currently, Seth focuses on writing content on sethlui.com, which has now evolved from a personal blog to a hybrid online publication with several writers.


4. Misstamchiak.com (Rank: #2,045, Total Visits: 295.20K)Website

Maureen Ow, Miss Tan Chiak was born into a family of food enthusiasts, causing her to be fascinated with delicious cuisine, local culture of Singapore and all around the world. Having met her personally through a cooking class, Maureen comes off as a big sister. She is incredibly sweet, friendly and helpful. Not only does she write reviews on the food scene in Singapore, but also includes recipes of her own.


5. Ieatishootipost.com (Rank: #1,830, Total Visits: 222K)


Most people were shocked when they first heard that the man behind ieatishootipost is a Doctor. We never expected a food blogger to be a male, let alone a doctor. Dr. Leslie Tay broke the norm and entered the blogger scene with only the love for local food. While most focus on reviewing restaurants and cafes, Dr. Leslie prefers the local cuisines from hawker centers- searching for the best hawker food in Singapore. Additionally, he is a father of two adorable kids and an author of four books.


6. Rubbisheatrubbishgrow.com (Rank: #3,583, Total Visits: 109.50K)


Rubbisheatrubbishgrow is one of the oldest in the food blogger scene, winning several title such as the Best Asian Food Blog by New York Post and listed as the Best Singapore Food Blogs by International Hotel Clubs. These achievements give the assurance that rubbisheatrubbishgrow is worth a read.


7. Ieatandeat.com (Rank: #10,513, Total Visits: 31.90K)


Do you know a family of four runs ieatandeat? Pretty amazing. The Chua family spends their weekends on a food hunt for the best local and international delights offer in Singapore. As Peranakans (Straits Chinese), the Chua family are heavily influenced by their heritage, therefore, they have an intense love for spicy, tangy and savory flavors.


8. Gninethree (Rank: #26,421, Total Visits: 30.40K)


Run by two sisters, Char and Crystal, gninethree covers food reviews on dining places and also a section dedicated to writing about the people behind the work. The new column “Behind The Apron”; goes behind the scenes of how the men and woman responsible for creating the dishes come to be, their passion for food and cooking, and what inspired them to do what they do.


9. Sgfoodonfoot.com (Rank: #7,262, Total Visits: 29.8K)


Derrick is the only owner for sgfoodonfoot. Based on personal interest, he begins blogging in 2010 with a normal point-and-shoot camera before getting a DSLR to achieve a better quality image. In the process of learning, Derrick strives to be a better photojournalist.


10. Six-and-seven (Rank: #19,538, Total Visits: 22.10K)


Founded in October 2011, six&seven covers honest reviews on the food scenes in Singapore, including new dining places, new food menus, and on-going promotions. If you are interested to know which new establishments are worth going, six&seven provides all the information on the latest food diners’ openings.

Narrowing down the numerous food blogs isn’t easy. These ten blogs are just a needle in a haystack within Singapore’s food blogosphere, there are, of course, many more food blogs that are worth reading. At the end of the day, statistics are just numbers and do not portray the true value of the blog and the people behind it. Why not visit some these sites and be the judge for yourself.

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